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Let’s Go Back To The Future With Metaxas & Sins

Metaxas & Sins

High-end audio equipment shouldn’t just be practical and fulfill a goal; it should also look the part. As such, there are a few companies out there that really take their time in designing some of the most stylish and outrageous examples of audio equipment the world has ever seen. Case in point, these spectacular creations right here.

The guys from Metaxas & Sins are concerned by the artistry of aesthetics coupled with nothing but the best audio experience. Their bold design ideas have made their way onto a futuristic turntable called the Phonographic Perambulator and a reel to reel player and recorder dubbed as the GQT R2R Tape Recorder, with both devices showing off a wonderful aluminum-and-red color scheme and swooping curves.

Metaxas & Sins

Unfortunately we don’t have too many details about these stunning audio products yet, but we do know that the GQT stands for “Georges Quellet Tribute” and that this tape recorder/player works almost entirely mechanically, with transistors and similar vintage components handling their business. The GQT R2R  could play 468 or 911 0.25-inch tapes.

On the other hand, the turntable benefits from an aluminum and titanium construction, with a crimson platter, while the belt-drive system comes from the Swiss company Maxon Motor. Both devices will be showcased at the Munich High End show in May, but they’re already available for pre-order, with the GQT R2R Tape Recorder priced at $55,000, while the Phonographic Perambulator No. 1 is set to cost $35,000.

Metaxas & Sins


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