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Lanzante’s McLaren P1 GT is a Drool Inducing F1 GT Tribute

By Victor Baker


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Lanzante McLaren P1 GT

Lanzante has been known to unleash jaw-dropping cars into the world once in a while, and their most recent project, a refined McLaren P1 LM, has even managed to break the Nürburgring record. But today we’ll take a closer look at another extraordinary car coming from the British racing specialist, the McLaren P1 GT.

Unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the P1 GT was inspired by the 1997 F1 GT Longtail, the road-going version of the iconic McLaren F1 GTR endurance racer. That’s why it’s finished in a superb Deep Bottle Green and shows off an outrageous rear wing, which stretches the entire width of the car.

The adjusted rear wing sits on two extended pylons and in the back we could also see a brand new exhaust system with aggressive quad-exhaust pipes. I’m sure that’s not only a move to make this supercar stand out.

Lanzante McLaren P1 GT

Inside the cockpit, Lanzante’s McLaren P1 GT features a luxurious dual-tone scheme of leather, matching its wonderful Deep Bottle Green exterior. Unfortunately we didn’t get any technical specifications for this car, but we’re pretty sure the guys from Lanzante worked their magic under the hood as well. After all, the P1 LM just broke the record at Nürburgring.

Either way, the turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 and electric powertrain will let loose 986 ponies. With just a few tweaks it could easily go over 1,000 hp and if you add the increased downforce from that massive rear wing and the new exhaust system we’re pretty sure Lanzate’s newest project could easily tackle any other hypercar.

We’re curious if Lanzante is planning to build more examples of this beast; apparently a fortunate buyer from the Middle East has already ordered two units of this particular model. Speaking of curiosity, can you guess how much would this McLaren P1 GT cost?

Lanzante McLaren P1 GT

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