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L’Andana is the Ultimate Retreat in the Heart of Tuscany

By Victor Baker


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Nestled just a few minutes outside of Florence, L’Andana is a stunning getaway that redefines what Italian-styled luxury living is all about. With a name that’s actually inspired by its dramatically long driveway, that would seem endless when you’re leaving this place, this unique Tuscan getaway sits between rolling vineyards and the olive groves of the Tenuta La Badiola estate.

L’Andana is the perfect destination for those of you who want to enjoy laid-back Italian luxury within a peaceful countryside setting. Here, the acclaimed chef Enrico Bartolini will offer you a bespoke dining experience, exciting all your pallets in ways you never thought to be possible, with many delicious treats and amazing dishes.


There are 33 elegant rooms and suites on offer here, each of them beautifully decorated by rich fabrics and a color theme that remains true to the traditional lines of this superb region. L’Andana’s Prestige Suites boast their own whirlpool bath, where a fine wine and the perfect company may be the perfect recipe for an unforgettable evening.

But there is more than one way to spend your time here, and horseback riding, exploring the nearby wineries, or going to the Tyrrhenian Sea are always on the table. You shouldn’t miss out on the hotel’s lavish ESPA either, with a stunning fitness area, sauna, hammam, vitality pool and the lovely outdoor pool. Did anyone say anything about leaving? We didn’t!


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