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Enjoy The John Walker & Sons Private Collection 2017 Edition

By Victor Baker


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John Walker & Sons Private Collection

The fourth limited edition in a marvelous series, John Walker & Sons’ Private Collection 2017 Edition, Mastery of Oak, is possibly one of the greatest teases in life. Showing off the brand’s unique style and innovative spirit, this exquisite experimental blend will be produced in exactly 5,588 bottles, spread all over the world.

For instance, in Singapore there will be only 134 bottles, but here you could also sign up for a private tasting experience, available exclusively through the Johnnie Walker House Singapore at $1,200. Collectors will be taking notes by now, with Bottle #1, as well as #88, #1888, #2888, #3888 and #4888 already listed for sale – probably for a different price.

John Walker & Sons Private Collection

Master Blender Dr. Jim Beveridge and blender Aimée Gibson were responsible for choosing the most exceptional casks of malt and grain drink,s in order to create three vattings, from which the final blend has resulted. Each one was specially designed to contribute distinctive flavors from a different aspect of their mastery of oak and its many ways of influencing maturation.

What’s even more interesting is that for this collection solely American oak combinations were chosen to be part of the experimental casks. The John Walker & Sons Private Collection 2017 Edition (46.8% ABV) is best served neat – that’s exactly how we love to enjoy our whiskey, as we take a glance at the lovely glass decanter illustrated with rings of oak and an angled cuts.

John Walker & Sons Private Collection

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