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The Lamborghini EDROID Luxury Hybrid Concept

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Independent designers often come up with pretty cool concept cars, providing the industry with some much needed fresh air. Marco Schembri is such a designer who has come up with a model he calls the Lamboghini EDROID.

This intriguing concept is a 4-seat hybrid designed to be part of Lamborghini’s F-segment (luxury car) line-up. Schembri devoted a lot of research to the brand’s features, like its aerodynamics, ergonomic design, user interface, hybrid motorization, and exterior lines. The project has also taken into account which materials would be better suited for the different body parts, with (rather unusual) options such as polyethylene being taken into account.

The designer has also considered utilizing triple junction photovoltaic cells to power the electric equipment of the car, which only improves the hybrid vehicle’s efficiency and friendliness to the environment. Using complex rendering techniques, HDRI maps are used in combination with advanced settings of the scene to work with environment amp. The design of the interior also focuses on H-point and new OLED display technology.


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