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Kormaran K7 Might Be The Ultimate Personal Watercraft

By Victor Baker


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Kormaran K7

The brilliant team at the Austrian company Kormoran has been working day and night in these last couple of years to design the ultimate personal watercraft, a magnificent vessel, if we could call it that, dubbed as the Kormaran K7. Fully capable of high speed thrills and comfortable rides as well, this thing is really a transformer – a catamaran, trimaran, monohull, or a hydrofoil, all in one.

Whatever you might need, this incredible watercraft will transform into while it’s still in motion. The Kormaran K7  is actually a 23-foot vessel featuring a set of fold-out hydrofoils, which allow it to lift its body further above the water in monohull mode, creating a smooth experience that reduces water resistance and puts out an incredible vibe.

Kormaran K7

A mesmerizing example of innovative design, the K7 benefits from a carbon fiber build, with titanium and stainless steel hydraulic arms, and it also comes with a soft leather interior. Furthermore, the hull and deck have been covered in exquisite veneers of black-jointed teak wood, offering passengers a wonderful place to sunbathe or dive in to cool off.

Kormaran has also imagined an intelligent lighting system, which navigates the pilot through dark conditions, while red LEDs + aquamarine strip lighting make for an idyllic ambiance. A 493-hp ‘triple-jet-drive’ allows te K7 to achieve a top speed of 45 mph (70 km/h), which is more than enough if you ask us. Speaking of questions, feel free to contact the company regarding the pricing of this beauty.

Kormaran K7

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