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The Vault V1 Watch Will Capture Your Attention

By Victor Baker


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Vault V1

There are plenty of things to inspire us these days, but did you ever think that a bank vault could be used as the starting point for an innovative timepiece? Founded in 2013, Vault is an up and coming watchmaker which tried to imagine a dream timepiece after this idea, and today we finally have a chance to look at their very first product.

The Vault V1 watch is actually a unique homage to a bank vault’s amazing time lock mechanism, brought to life in a grandiose manner. The entire movement beautifully rotates with the minute hand, and if that’s not impressive enough, Vault claims that what they call an “autonomous movement” represents the first time such an odd example of technology was ever used in a timepiece.

Vault V1

The Vault V1 is genuinely unique. Powered by the V01 automatic movement, produced exclusively by watchmaker extraordinaire Andreas Strehler and housed inside a 39 mm steel, titanium, 18k rose gold, 18k white gold, or platinum case, this incredible timepiece benefits from 21,600bph and 50-hours worth of backup.

Although closed at the back, the V1 offers a glimpse of this one of a kind movement from the dial side, with a modern art-deco vibe that’s easily noticeable. Vault will produce this amazing watch in a limited run of only 8 pieces, complemented by a black rubber strap, and you’ll have to pay exactly 50,000 CHF for the steel and titanium versions – the gold and platinum versions will surely cost a lot more.

Vault V1


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