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John & Table have created the exquisite RACE desk

By Brian Pho


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Looking forward to making use of carbon fiber in something different than the automotive industry, the guys at John & Table have recently come up with an exquisite piece of furniture crafted from the same material that car specialists use in the sports cars field.

Put shortly, they’ve managed to create a fully functional desk from black carbon fiber, with very cool leather and Alcantara detailing. Garnished with eye-catching high-gloss black finish and polished with state of the art carnauba wax, the RACE does not require any sort of centre support beam, mainly due to its light carbon fiber manufacture.

Completely made by hand in Germany, the RACE also boasts with exclusive touches like premium drawer inlays, hand-sewn accessories and an individually-engraved platelet. Priced at €38,800 a piece, John & Table’s RACE desk can be made according to buyers’ preferences – the so-called “NO LIMITS” service, which provides customers with the ability to completely customize their desk, from stitching to embossing, special paints or even embroideries.


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