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Trump International Hotel & Tower New York

By Victor Baker


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Probably just as iconic as the Empire State Building, the incredible Trump International Hotel & Tower in New York is more than just a simple hotel or building. It represents a testament to the passion and perseverance of a man who wanted to create an empire.

The Trump tower in New York is probably Donald Trump’s finest creation and the very first gem in the Trump Collection. This magnificent hotel will probably amaze you and inspire you in the same time, especially when you know the great success story behind it. You’ll feel dressed for success as soon as you step in this lavish hotel from NY.

Located right next to Central Park, the Trump International Hotel & Tower is the city’s only Forbes Five-Star Hotel, featuring an exquisite Five-Star Restaurant as well. The renowned Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten always impresses guests of the hotel with his culinary knowledge and magic that you totally need to check out.

Dining on the hotel’s Mistral terrace, which faces Central Park, is a dreamy experience in a hot summer night, especially when it’s accompanied by a fine selection of wines, picked by Donald Trump himself. We don’t even need to talk about the luxurious accommodations, because they’re better than you could think of. There are 176 lavish rooms or suites to choose from, offering a gorgeous view of the park.

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