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Top Ten Most Expensive Desserts in the World

By Noah Miller


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Everyone deserves a treat from time to time and there’s nothing better than something sweet and tasty: cookies, cake, icecream, you name it – as long as it has sugar in it, it’s going to be perfect, especially after a fine meal. Some desserts are more expensive than other, that’s why today we’ll take a look at the priciest desserts ever made.

Drizzled with edible gold, featuring rare ingredients and even dipping with diamonds, the world’s most expensive desserts could go from thousands to millions. If you want to spoil yourself with an extravagant dessert, this is probably as good as it gets, but I don’t know if you’re willing to pay this much for a unique sweet treat.

10. Pierre Herme Macarons, $7,000

The macarons created by Pierre Herme are quite unusual due to their unexpected flavor combinations such as balsamic vinegar, red grape or peanut butter, all packaged in a box that can get up to a really high price. Named the “Picasso of Pastry” by Vogue magazine, Herme is always seeking new flavors to add to his creations, so in the future these macarons might be even better, but the experience will always be the same.

9. Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence dessert, $14,500

This delicate treat is an Italian cassata with Irish cream infusion and seasonal fruits mixed with a pomegranate and mango compote, with some Dom Perignon champagne sabayon for the base. This drool inducing dessert is decorated with handmade chocolate from the Fortress in the shape of a local fisherman clinging to the stilt, a tradition that is still practiced today in the region. A golden leaf and an aquamarine stone of 80 carats are also added for extra style points. The exquisite treat was first unveiled at the Wine3 Fisherman Stilt restaurant in Sri Lanka and thus the name comes from it.

8. Frozen Haute Chocolate at Serendipity 3, New York, $25,000

Taking 28 of the most expensive cocoas and adding in five grams of edible 23-carat gold as well as a goblet lined with gold will make this sundae a real treat. More gold is added into the whipped cream on top and there is also a side of La Madeline au Truffle from Knipschildt Chocolatier. You will require help to eat such a delight and Serendipity brings you a diamond-encrusted spoon. The company which made this dessert also offers other treats as well, such as the Golden Opulence Sundae which will cost you only $1000.

7. Cannoli at Jasper Restaurant, $26,000

Jasper Mirable, the owner of the Jasper Restaurant in Kansas City, teamed up with Tivol Jewellers to create this incredible treat in an attempt to make the most expensive cannoli ever. The recipe brings the Italian delicacy to a whole new level, with whipped ricotta, candied lemon, nuts, sweet cream, lemon peel and chocolate as well as a diamond necklace and a gold leaf covering the whole pack.

6. Chocolate Cake at the Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel, $35,000

This amazing desert is wonderfully sculpted to have a royal presence – created by chef Marc Guibert for the Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel in the Lake District of England. The chocolate pudding is made from high quality Belgian chocolate, gold and caviar, plus a two-carat diamond to make it worth even more. The treat is served in a replica of a Faberge egg and you have to order it with three weeks in advance.

5. Twins Ice Cream Sundae from Mt. Kilimanjaro, $60,000

This dessert is actually way more than just an ice cream, offering you a unique experience. You pay for a first class plane ticket to Tanzania, a couple of days at a five star hotel, a guided tour to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro and best of all, the founder of the company will accompany you to make the sundae with ice taken from the mountain. Due to the weather changes it is expected that all ice from the summit will melt in ten years or so – that’s why this tasty dessert is also an attempt to raise awareness about the environment as well. You also get a shirt!

4. Platinum Cake, $130,000

Pastry chef Nobue Ikara created this impressive cake to promote platinum jewelry in general and to honor the Japanese actress Rinko Ki Kuchi who was nominated at an Oscar for her performance in the movie Babel in 2006. It is decorated with white frosting and platinum chains, pins, pendants and even necklaces that are inedible. The platinum flakes though can be eaten and we are certain they taste even better than gold! The cake was showcased at the Platinum Guild International since its creation in 2007.

3. Strawberries Arnaud, $1.4 million

Found in the French Quarter of New Orleans, this dessert is obviously a bit more than just the regular strawberries. They were soaked in exotic wine and come with whipped cream and mint to add flavor, as well as a 4.7 carat pink diamond ring that belonged to Sir Ernest Cassel, an English royal finance advisor. The strawberries come in a Charlex X crystal cave set and will also you get a $24,850 wine set, served by white-gloved waiters, and a live jazz concert to help stir your appetite. You can’t eat the diamond ring though.

2. Diamond Fruitcake, $1.65 million

most expensive desserts

This two layer hexagonal cake was created back in 2005 by Jeong Hong-yong, a renowned chef from Tokyo, and it features 223 small diamonds. It took six months to create the masterpiece and the baking alone took one month! It was exhibited at the Takashimaya Department Store with the title ‘Diamonds: Nature’s Miracle’ until it was put for sale for Christmas. The recipe was kept secret to raise the mystery but this cake was apparently completely edible, except for the diamonds which you can easily remove and keep as a reminder of the feast.

1. Diamond Chocolate Cake, $5 million

most expensive desserts

The most expensive dessert in the world also sizzles with diamonds, and it’s quite difficult to determine whether it is actually a tasty treat or a beautiful piece of jewelry. This chocolate diamond cake was created by a jeweler from Tokyo, Japan and it has no less than 2,000 diamonds on it with the chocolate being molded in the shape of Africa. According to the author, he wanted to express his love for the continent and diamonds are definitely the best way to do that.

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