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Impressive Modular Floating Dock by Wave Armor

By Adrian Prisca


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If you’re rich enough to own a boat or yacht, you’ll probably like this impressive Modular Floating Dock designed by Wave Armor which is perfect to dock your boat. But this is not the only usage of this floating dock because you could also lounge and soak in the sun on it.

The Wave Armor Floating Dock comes with a special Pebble Beach texture finish and can be fitted with luxury attachments such as dock benches, wave rafts and even a kayak rack. The dock is integrated with luxury accessories and it features precision engineered suction pockets to keep it stable on the water.

This new dock from Wave Armor sets a new standard for modular floating dock systems thanks to usability and accessories such as a H-Beam channel lock system, folding dock ladder, Snap-in-Cap, dock bumper and a universal dock box for your patio needs. Every section of the dock measures 60 inches in width, 120 inches in length and 16 inches in height.

The Wave Dock also features two adjustable backrests that lay flat and are integrated with the deck when they aren’t used, along with a pop-up table with beverage holders that’s placed between the two backrests.

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