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Impossible Productions unveil a stunning Explorer Yacht Concept

By Victor Baker


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Impossible Productions

Yacht design studio Impossible Productions have been working on a new incredible 100-meter hybrid explorer yacht concept. Developed by the New York based team, in partnership with Tim Dempers Studio in Cape Town, South Africa, this exciting project took over one year to be completed. 

Penned down with global exploration in mind, this vessel is, however, adaptable to any client’s needs. Benefiting from a multi-function platform, the massive yacht concept shows off a configurable cargo deck, with two striking accommodation pods on either side.

A wide range of on board necessities can be stored on the cargo deck, such as a sea plane, cars, motorcycles, and even a small sailing yacht or several shipping containers. The yacht tenders and helicopter could be stowed in sealed climate controlled environments, for their own protection.

Impossible Productions

The interior cabin looks no less interesting with the two pods offering breathtaking 360-degree views over the deck areas and surroundings – a unique and wonderful feature that’s well suited for exploring of our planet’s Seven Seas.

It’s also worth mentioning that the forward pod is dedicated to navigation and expedition purposes, while the aft one is dedicated to owner’s private use. I guess the details may be ignored, although such efforts would be futile if you were to be on board this unique concept. How could anyone do so, faced with such an amazing yacht?

Impossible Productions


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