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HYT Unveils Highly Unconventional Skull Watches

We’ve showcased quite a few timepieces from HYT, “the hydro mechanical horologists,” in the past, and that’s because this innovative brand always keeps coming up with intriguing new models. To kick off 2015, the company is releasing one of their most daring design yet, dubbed the HYT Skull.

The set actually comprises two models: a DLC black titanium version with green liquid (called “Skull Green Eye”) and rose gold and DLC black titanium variant with red liquid (called “Skull Red Eye”).  As if all of this wasn’t enough, the sapphire on the caseback of these showy timepieces has a deep red or green tint to it, which creates a really cool effect.

Interestingly enough, the HYT Skull watches only indicate hours (via the liquid in the capillaries and the numerals on the periphery) and seconds (hidden behind the left eye), and not the minutes. This is a very peculiar feature (if we can even call it that), but it seems the creators of these timepieces didn’t want anything about them being conventional. Oh, and the power reserve indicator can be found on the back side. We rest our case.


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