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How Can Writing One Article Expose All Wine Experts?

By Adrian Prisca


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Don`t you just look in awe at people who know how to distinguish a hundred shades of red wine and can tell where that grapes come from? They seem to have a certain superpower that we, mere mortals, will never understand.

If you like wine and by that we mean you appreciate its taste and scent (nah, we all know you just like that woozy feeling in your head), then you can probably tell a dry wine from a semi-sweet wine.

These are the basics of alcohol science, and usually knowledge of non-specialists doesn`t go beyond “Please bring me a glass of red semi-dry wine.”

But the so-called “wine experts” have pretty much the same level of knowledge. Of course, there is a wave of disagreement in your soul that is turning into an emotional tsunami at the moment, but this is true.

We`ve got the proof! And we have even asked the team of experts to check the sources of the information that we`re about to spill on you. These guys are known to be very meticulous when it comes to research before writing any type of work. By the way, you can learn more about them here: https://papercheap.co.uk.

The Way Non-Experts Taste It

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Do you remember the last time you tasted wine? We hope you didn`t get too enthusiastic about that divine alcoholic beverage and you can actually recall that moment.

When it`s time to pick a wine at a restaurant, for example, we often get lost. And that`s absolutely fine because there are more than 10,000 different varieties of grapes in the world. So a wine list may go on and on. We can read some reviews on the Internet, but who are those people to write them? Who are those experts we address to?

It turns out, all those experts are pretending that they are good at this. It`s like they have supernatural taste buds and incredibly powerful scent sense. They can`t wear perfume because it can impair their ability to taste, smell, and even feel wine. Because, as they say, a wine does have a soul.

But are experts` palates so refined? Science has an answer!

Why Would France Do That?

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France is a worldwide known wine-producing country. The finest wine varieties often come from here, from the Bordeaux region, to be more specific.

You can say that it`s an old experiment but it still is extremely relevant. It was the year of 2001 when French professor from the University of Bordeaux Frédérick Brochet conducted a scientific study and wine experts became participants without knowing it.

In the first test, Monsieur Brochet invited 54 wine experts and asked them to compare a red and a white wine.

It seems like an easy task for professionals of that field, right? Each of us could tell the difference! Or so we think.

The wine that was proposed to experts was absolutely the same. The white wine was just painted red, and none of the experts noticed it. Like none of them!

Okay, let`s give these guys another chance.

In the second test, participants were asked to compare an expensive fancy wine and a cheap table one. When the wine was served and experts tasted it, they started describing these two types in different ways.

Yep, as you must have already guessed, the two wines were the same.

How Is It Even Possible to Choose?

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Why do we need wine experts? They evaluate this alcoholic beverage based on a number of characteristics and come up with a conclusion which helps to determine whether a certain wine is good or not.

But if all those experts are basically frauds (it may sound too harsh but we`ll stick to this title for now), then is there a way to choose a good wine?

Of course, there is! The wine is just like any other beverage that we drink.

Just choose what you like and what tastes good in your opinion. Do you order a certain kind of pizza only because an expert said it`s tasty? Or do you analyze what tastes good to you and make an order based on your personal preferences?

It works the same with wine.

This boozy juice may be stored in the fanciest cellars possible, and many other external factors may influence its taste. But a higher price doesn`t mean that a wine tastes better. It`s just way too subjective.

At the end of the day, wine is just fermented grapes though many snobs will disagree. If it`s a naturally produced wine without any chemicals or sweeteners, and if you find it tasty, then why wouldn`t you choose that wine only because it doesn`t have a fancy label?

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