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Hotel Maria Cristina Is As Hypnotizing As A Spanish Guitar

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Hotel Maria Cristina

A truly magical place, the Spanish resort town of San Sebastian totally deserves our full appreciation, with its beautiful beaches, framed by a picturesque bayfront promenade, a charming historic centre, and anything from world-renowned restaurants to upscale shops and vibrant bars.

It’s one of Spain’s best vacation spots, and you’ll find it even more interesting and teasing once you discover the opulent Hotel Maria Cristina. Overlooking the Urumea River,  this stunning hotel is just a short walk away from the blissful sandy beaches, that will make any summer day spent here feel like Heaven on Earth.

Hotel Maria Cristina stands proud within the vivacious historic city center, surrounded by colorful buildings and beautiful gardens, but also standing out with its timeless elegance and mesmerizing style.

Hotel Maria Cristina

This lavish hotel allows its guests to choose between 136 expansive rooms and suites, each of them featuring antique reproductions, rich delicate fabrics, modern amenities and gorgeous marble baths – among many other things. And if you decide to visit this stunning place in September, you should know the entire city comes to life during the annual film festival, the perfect excuse to experience luxury and exclusivity at Hotel Maria Cristina.

The 24-hour Les Clefs d’Or concierge and the excellent staff here will go above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy your every need. They can even organize authentic Basque adventures for you and your friends or family, such as exploring the Cantabrian Sea, or discovering small fishing villages, secluded beaches and rocky coves.

Don’t go thinking you’ll starve to death at the end of the day in San Sebastian, because come sundown, this small resort town has plenty of stars to offer. The renowned restaurants here have gathered together 15 Michelin stars, and can serve you with anything, from local specialties to Cantonese cuisine.

Hotel Maria Cristina

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