High-end beds – Sleeping Tomorrow

It’s clearly one of our favorite fixtures ever and most prized during the evenings and mornings – the bed. One of man’s best inventions can even go beyond knowledgeable limits, as DesleeClama’s Innovation and Design Centre (iDC) alongside acclaimed Belgian concept and production designer Axel Einthoven describe.

The so-called Sleeping Tomorrow is a fantastically well-made bed, a true innovation, possible interpretation of the future beds. It is gorgeously shaped like a cocoon and if viewed from different angles, it’ll be looking like a suitcase that is open. Made of stretchy fabrics, the bed is going to be extremely pleasant to touch and cozy to dream upon.

It even comes with a futuristic tag which guarantees the futuristic level of technology incorporated inside – built-in smart screen with loudspeakers, adjustable mattresses and subtly designed lights located below the bed the under its flaps, for a more interesting atmosphere. The lighting turns on whenever the sleeper happens to get off the bed during the night while also serving as light sources for anyone who wants to catch a quick read before the nap.

Moreover, the fabulous fixture is wrapped in DesleeClama’s Sound Absorbing upholstery fabric providing enough coziness to sleep weeks.