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Head Out Into Virgin Territory – The Peter Island Resort

Peter Island Resort

Pardon the pun, but it’s both fun and true to say that the charming Peter Island Resort, located in the British Virgin Islands, can be easily considered untouched by the modern world, especially since it’s only accessible by boat. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway in the Caribbean, look no further.

Peter Island actually sits on the largest private island in the area, a serene and untouched escape easily impressing every traveler with its idyllic landscape. This island retreat offers 52 gorgeous guestrooms, as well as 3 luxurious villas, benefiting from the unparalleled natural beauty of this virgin island.

Peter Island Resort

Getting bored is not an option here, with snorkeling and diving being on top of the activities list, and things like mountain bike tours also on offer. It’s not every day that you get to pedal around on a virtually uninhabited island; even Gilligan would be envious, right?

The turquoise waters of the Atlantic and Caribbean Seas will make for a sublime soundtrack as you chill out and enjoy the long stretches of pristine white sand beaches. Peter Island is all about letting go, resting and relaxing in the simplest yet most sophisticated manner out there.

Chilling at the pool, frozen drinks at Drake’s Channel Lounge and sun-drenched hammocks will probably make you forget about everything else. Don’t worry too much about that and go with what you’re feeling.

Peter Island Resort


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