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Hatchet Caye Could Be Your Very Own Private Island in Belize

By Victor Baker


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Hatchet Caye

It’s all about location these days, right? Well, a seven-acre private island resort located 17 miles off the coast of Belize should definitely satisfy even the pickiest of customers. Currently on the market for just $9.9 million, Hatchet Caye boasts a scenic stretch of sand in proximity to the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System.

Showcasing offshore atolls and coastal lagoons, the reef is a premier spot for snorkeling and diving, and in addition to these fun activities, future owners of this private island and their lucky guests may also explore an area Camacho calls “the turtle spot”, which showcases tortoises in their natural habitat.

There are plenty of things to do on the island as well, where you could find a spa facility that will offer massages, facials, and scrubs.

Hatchet Caye

Back in 2011, a 12-room resort opened on this idyllic island, teasing visitors with seven beachfront cabanas and five lovely rooms within the main house. You’ll also find the Lionfish Grill on this tropical paradise, a seafood-centric restaurant with vaulted ceilings and ocean views, where you will love to experience breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Equipped with its own water and power supply, Hatchet Caye is an eco-friendly, self-sufficient resort, representing a refreshing getaway for those who want a piece of paradise for themselves. Can you afford it?

Hatchet Caye

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