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Make a Statement with Harry Winston’s My Precious Time

By Victor Baker


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Harry Winston My Precious Time

If you don’t know this yet, the idea behind the brooch was actually inspired by men’s fashion, back in the day when almost everyone was wearing stylish pocket watches. Gentlemen used to wear them in the breast pocket of their suits, anchored to the lapel with that classic T-bar chain.

Harry Winston’s newest creation, called My Precious Time, is also inspired from that golden age, revealing its charm once the owner presses a marquise-cut diamond just below a large cushion-cut diamond, to allow a secret octagonal-shaped watch to come to the light.

Comprised of 368 white diamonds, including a large cushion-cut diamond at the center, that’s complemented by a vibrant arrangement of different sizes and different cuts of diamonds, this watch is a powerful statement of luxury and style. But that’s not all this precious watch has to offer.

Harry Winston My Precious Time

Harry Winston’s My Precious Time also shows off a 17 mm 18kt white gold case, that’s complemented by a sapphire crystal and 30-meters worth of water resistance. The caseback is camouflaged in brilliant- cut, baguette-cut and marquise-cut diamonds, while a white gold chain acts as a stylish anchor, keeping everything together.

The dial alone has 142 brilliant-cut diamonds, which add to the sophistication of the timepiece, while the Swiss quartz Harry Winston caliber HW1051 keeps things in motion. Time stands still? It is possible, if anyone dares to take a closer look at this stunning piece of art.

Harry Winston My Precious Time

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