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Gramovox unveiled this gorgeous Floating Record Vertical Turntable

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floating record vertical turntable

There’s something truly unique about listening your favorite artist on a vinyl record, playing off a needle cartridge. Sure, high-res audio files are perfect for a great musical experience, but vinyl will stand the test of time, especially if companies like Gramovox keep introducing amazing things like the Floating Record, Vertical Turntable. Unveiled on Kickstarter, this wonderful record player will make vinyl even more interesting than before.

The Gramovox player is an all-in-one-unit, featuring a new and unique style of listening to music. Instead of placing a record horizontally, this player was designed to play a disc standing upright on its vertical arm. The innovative record player has full range speakers built in and also an audio out (RCA) option.

floating record vertical turntable

Other components worth mentioning include a fully-adjustable carbon-fiber tone-arm, a polished Acrylic platter, an Audio Technica AT95E cartridge, a felt mat, a silicone belt and American dark walnut and maple woods for the base, which give this product that retro vibe.

All Floating Record units will be shipped by Gramovox in a custom, reusable carton for $349 (not including Shipping). The Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded just a couple of days ago, this concept raising $1,575,976 from over 4,000 backers. Not bad, right?

floating record vertical turntable

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