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Graf Von Faber Castell 2012 Pen of the Year

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The oldest writing utensils manufacturer in the world, founded in 1761, Faber-Castell, is now unveiling its latest brainchild – the Graf Von Faber Castell 2012 Pen of the Year. The first model from this exquisite series has been present in 2004, now taking this series towards brand new levels and setting new standards. They’re easily some of the best writing instruments in the world, boasting top notch craftsmanship and incredible attention to detail.

For this edition, they’ve chosen a combination of ancient wetland oak and gold leaf. Through thousands of years of transformation, this exquisite wood has received a driftwood-like look. To be more precise, the woods used to craft the pen have been extracted from German bogs and marshes, where they have been buried for more than 8 millennia.

In addition, the gold leaves have been carefully applied to the grain of wood by hand by a few, elite skilled craftsmen, like Ernst D. Feldmann. The character is actually a church painter and master gilder who has been studying Venetian gilding techniques for a number of years and has also been awarded the Bavarian State Design Award for his skills.

The particular technique he used to apply the brittle gold leaf to this pen is based on ancient Egyptian skills, developed more than 4,000 years ago, involving the application of multiple layers of 24-carat gold leaf on the oak barrel, decorating the already gorgeous wood with the shiny metal. Furthermore, the pen’s cap is crowned by a chessboard-faceted citrine gemstone.

The additional metal finishes and fittings are all 24K-gold plated and polished to the max. A superb addition is the pen’s tip, a stunning 18K bicolor gold nib available in three different line widths, like broad, medium or fine.

As you’ve probably suspected, this is a limited edition pen, available in only 1,500 pieces. Each of the pens is going to be carefully placed and delivered inside a deep black wooden case, along with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Mr. Ernst D. Feldmann himself and an individual serial number. The set would go well with an exquisite trigging.

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