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Private Oceanfront Estate in Dana Point, California

By Adrian Prisca


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Located in Dana Point, on the gorgeous Strand Beach Drive, in California, this incredibly beautiful private oceanfront estate is quite an eye-catcher. There are just a few places in the world that share a beauty similar to this.

Perhaps you’d think the construction is a bit old. But you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s actually a brand new building, covering a surface of around 9,000 square feet. Its location is absolutely great and could make almost everyone jealous. It shares breathtaking views of sunsets, islands and the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The interiors of this exquisite home open faultlessly towards Mediterranean gardens, terraces and loggias, which in turn share views towards the ocean. The overall architecture of the home is based on Italian styles, along with an informal setting, to create a warm and receiving atmosphere. It stretches over 3 stories and it’s built around a courtyard which welcomes air and sunlight.

The ocean is viewable from every single room, along with a gorgeous living atmosphere and pleasurable lifestyle, enhanced by the great combination of interior and exterior decorations.

Available at a price of $23,500,000, or rentable for $47,000 per month, this 8,838 square feet residence puts 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms at your disposal, along with a gorgeous private swimming pool. It’s up to you to decide if it’s all worth it – check the photos.


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