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Glashütte Original Reminds Us Of The Golden Age of Travel

By Victor Baker


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Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite

The modern world is fast-paced, hyper-connected and sometimes ultra-efficient. Nonetheless, technological marvels seem to distract our attention in such a manner that we tend to let precious moments pass us by. There’s no surprise people are traveling more and more, just because they can, but the glamour and appeal behind it seem to have diminished a bit due to the ‘casual’ approach to this activity.

Does anyone remember how to dress for the occasion? People used to ‘dress up’ to go places during what most people call the ‘golden age’ of travel, but nowadays the only people you’re likely to see wearing ties on a long-haul flight are the crew members.

Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite

Speaking of dressing up for the occasion, a stylish high-end mechanical wrist watch should always be part of the overall elegant vibe a gentleman is expected to put out there. Sure, you could use your phone like regular people to tell the time, but there’s nothing original or stylish about that.

The Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite makes a powerful statement and helps people perceive you in a different way. Featuring a 44 mm case in red or white gold, this refined watch looks bold, but in the same time it’s classic and clean.

Functional and aesthetically appealing, this simple three hand automatic timepiece tells you everything you need to know in an outstanding manner. Whatever your style is, this accessory will definitely fit and enhance your fashion ideas and it’s perfect for your next trip around the world.

Glashütte Original Senator Cosmopolite


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