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Get Them While They’re Hot – Dior B27 Sneakers

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Some may still remember Kim Jones, Dior’s creative director of menswear, working his magic on Nike’s Air Jordan, that became a massive hit. And, why not?

Dior put its unique twist on the most popular sneaker around, while also adding to the luxury brand’s street cred. There’s big news on that front, once again.

The Dior B27 sneaker, the company’s latest release, was inspired by 1980s tennis gear and skate shoes focuses on the couture house’s luxury cues. 

Dior B27 Sneakers 2

The aforementioned designer, Kim Jones, is an avid collector of kicks. It comes as no surprise he owns over 40 pairs of Jordans and that his ideas and design cues are always welcomed in the land of Dior.

This fresh design aims to brag our attention with the aid of its multi-material upper, blending smooth calfskin, velvety nubuck, with a choice between the brand’s monogrammed jacquard fabric and a laser-cut leather perforated with the brand’s logo finishing off the sneaker.

Dior B27 Sneakers 3

The B27 sneakers were crafted at Dior ateliers in Italy, and boast hand-dyed edges and topstitching, not to mention the seemingly 3D visual effects. Complex, symbolic, and modern, these shoes are all about casual luxury – comfortable, yet making a powerful statement.

The new B27 sneakers are set to be a part of Dior’s permanent collection, which is always a good news; this means fans will be able to hit the streets and show off their purchase, all around the world. 

Dior B27 Sneakers 4

Dior’s newest sneakers will be available in either a low- or high-top version; the high version will be featuring an ankle strap and a subtle monotone jacquard.

They will come in three neutral colors: white, black, or pearl gray, with the price tag standing between $990 and $1,100. Ready, steady, Shop!

The Making of the 'B27' Sneakers
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