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Geoffrey Parker’s Most Expensive Backgammon Set

Fans of Backgammon, we’ve got Geoffrey Parker here to bring you an elegant and exquisite Backgammon game set which will knock you off your chair. Since 1958, Geoffrey Parker has been creating some of the most luxurious gifts and game sets until today, for a clientele that includes fabled figures, casinos, corporations and many more. The most expensive poker set in the world, priced at a staggering $7.5 million, was his creation, and now he has revealed the most expensive Backgammon game set in the world.

Having dealt with a huge array of challenges to design and craft Backgammon sets for a number of aficionados and champions, Geoffrey Parker is now bringing forth a rather different, exotic approach to the business. Reportedly featuring a tournament sized board decked in Alligator / Stingray, the game set boasts with an Alligator playing field, Shagreen points and a solid 18-carat gold stones set, each one including a 1-carat diamond.

In addition to these parts, the manufacturer has also provided a diamond set doubling cube, whose numbers have been crafted from diamonds, carefully placed on the 18-carat white gold base. The dice themselves have also been crafted from 18-carat white gold, each one adorned with 27 diamonds.

If closed, the game set measures 605 mm in length, 375 mm in width and 85 mm in thickness. It was fully hand-crafted by Parker’s artists. It is available, alongside other exquisite games and sets, on the GiftVault website, bearing a price tag of $387,890.



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