A Fresh Perspective on Sophistication – Miu Miu’s New Cloud Bag Collection

Even more than Prada, its “parent”, Miu Miu is a bit of an unconventional brand, intended for a younger, non-conformist audience. Its products usually are feature bold and lively designs, something which is very clear in this new Cloud Bag collection.

Essentially feminine, as well as completely contemporary, Miu Miu’s new bags feature a whole new perspective on elegance and sophistication. Classy and charming, the Cloud Bag comes in soft leather, with clean lines and a slim silhouette. Statement straps, ultra clips and gilded buckles make this an accessory that truly stands out, while its multiple compartments also make it quite adequate for everyday use.

Those of you who can’t wait to get their hands on the new Miu Miu Cloud Bag collection will be happy to hear the entire range is currently available in all Miu Miu stores.

[Luxury Insider]