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Form and function: the Trefecta DRT Electric Bike

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Focusing on true innovation, Trefecta Mobility is a company that wants to produce a new category of vehicles, mixing design with power and functionality, to create a multi-purpose beauty. Their flagship product is called the Trefecta DRT Electric bike, and it’s a truly fascinating bike, made from high quality materials and featuring state of the art devices.

The bike’s aluminium frame has been designed to the highest standards and it could be even folded to allow easy transportation. The bike’s wheels are extremely strong and rigid because they’re made out of superior carbon fiber and the off-road downhill tires are perfect for every landscape, creating minimum rolling resistance.

The cables and components are fully integrated into the bike to ensure protection from all elements and the interchangeable front and rear wheels come with a quick release mechanism that lets you change them in just a matter of seconds.

The Trefecta DRT bike comes with a top-of-the-line pedelec system which will help you a lot at low speeds. The small battery-powered motor is extremely efficient, and it could even get energy from the innovative brake-energy recuperation system, which was inspired from F1 systems.

The battery has a range of 100 km over mixed terrains, without pedalling at all, which makes this stunning bicycle truly one of a kind. You could even change the battery pack pretty quickly for longer rides to make sure you get to the destination without any effort and in just one hour the batteries are charged up to 80 percent.

The guys from Trefecta Mobility have installed a custom digital CAN-am bus system into the handlebar, which monitors every detail. You could control the throttle of the bike, its suspension settings, gear selection and many other functions with “fly by wire” handlebar controls. On the backlit handlebar display you could see your speed, distance, rest range, mode, battery life and many other essential riding statistics.

So if you want a bike with a jaw dropping design, unrivalled agility, amazing features and durability, the Trefecta DRT Electric bike could be yours, but it will set you back $25,000.

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