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Forever Pininfarina AERO Is The World’s Most Stylish Inkless Pen

By Victor Baker


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Forever Pininfarina AERO

Made in Italy from the finest materials, and imagined after a brilliant collaboration between Napkin and the famous Italian design house Pininfarina, this gorgeous inkless pen aims to be a veritable revolution in writing. Called the Forever Pininfarina AERO, the stunning pen before you has been recently premiered right Pininfarina’s Wind Tunnel, needing no ink or refills to impress us all.

Its gorgeous hollow body shows off an understated blue interior that’s constructed out of aerospace aluminum (Ergal), while the tip has been made of Ethergraf, a patented metallic alloy developed by an Italian household manufacturer. Oddly enough, AERO rests on a rough concrete base – we were expecting a luxurious piece of refined wood or something.

Forever Pininfarina AERO

The stylish design resembles the idea of Yin and Yang, allowing the Chinese mythology to make us think about eternity. Hand-crafted with advanced precision mechanics tools, this unique pen is one of the most interesting writing tools you will ever see.

The good thing is that you’ll also be able to purchase one, since the Forever Pininfarina AERO has just gone on sale for just €120, in a neat package containing the stylus and the base. Considering that the innovative and ink free design is groundbreaking, we think that’s a small price to pay for signing your name with a unique pen.

Forever Pininfarina AERO

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