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Feel Like A Champion With The Amazing Trek Madone 9

By Victor Baker


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Trek Madone 9

The renowned bicycle maker Trek has recently unveiled their latest project, the ultimate road bike, called Trek Madone 9. Developed inside a wind tunnel, this bike has aerodynamics taken to perfection, incorporating a fully integrated  ‘isospeed’ decoupler, unmatched vertical compliance and a significantly improved ride.

The Madone 9 is made of an advanced aerospace material called 600 series OCLV – optimum compaction low void – which is incredibly light and equally strong, and even more impressive than carbon fiber.

Trek Madone 9

Industrial designers David Blomme and Jonathan Russell have made an incredible effort in order to minimize drag. They’ve used articulating vector wings to house the leading cables and the front brake caliper in a protective shell, making them look like they’re actually part of the frame and also making this beauty even faster.

Madone’s sleek aesthetics also allows for the brake and shifting cables to be routed through the frame, leading to even less drag. Also worth mentioning is the integrated control center, which houses barrel adjusters or a battery port for an electronic drivetrain.

The Trek ‘Madone 9’ will surely put a smile on any face, and it could get anyone in a winner’s mood!

Trek Madone 9


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