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Exquisite Boucheron High Jewellery Timepieces Tease Us Endlessly

By Victor Baker


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The famous French jewellery house Boucheron has just unveiled their latest high jewellery creations, two gorgeous timepieces that will make hearts all over the world race with their seductive curves and lush diamonds. Actually, any new creation from Maison Boucheron is worth talking about, but these new watches are beyond everything else we’ve seen from the French brand.

The high jewellery timepieces represent a lavish approach to timekeeping, with exquisite designs and graceful lines, plus lovely embellishments with round and baguette diamonds. They feature a monochromatic theme, but that’s far from boring, complementing the discreet elegance of these creations.

First off, let’s take a closer look at the Boucheron Plume de Paon watch. It boasts bold femininity, as its feather design will swirl delicately around the ladies’ wrists. The luxurious watch will also come with white marble marquetry, which amplifies the dimensions of the watch in a sublime manner. This fashion masterpiece was finished off with a tiara, set with diamonds that cradles the watch.

On the other hand, the Soleil Radiant timepiece is a symbol of sophistication, inspired by the natural effect of water ripples. Comprised of five gold dome-shaped pebbles adorned with three waves of diamonds, the timepiece looks beyond mesmerizing; it might have something to do with the diamond paved design.

These are both unique pieces, so we’ll let you decide upon the price.


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