The most expensive romantic date in the world on Spitbank Fort

We stereotypically believe that all you need to impress a woman during the first date is a dinner along with a nice bouquet of flowers, perhaps a trip to the cinema and a shy gift. But let’s just leave what common people, like us, reckon, and get to the rich side of the subject – if you really, really want to impress someone and if you have pockets large enough to come to your aid, here’s the world’s most expensive romantic date, on private island Spitbank Fort.

Located around a mile, or 1.6 kilometers, away from the coast of Hemfira, the spot provides a gorgeous romantic date for “just” $52,000. We’ve also done some digging regarding the most expensive romantic date, just to be sure, and found out that a previous one, of $68,000, had to be withdrawn due to the lack of customers.

Starting off the journey is a Bentley, which leads the way towards the Gosport marina, where the duo is then taken to the island aboard a luxury yacht. Upon arrival, the pair is being offered champagne with canapés, while quick access is provided to the entire array of bedrooms on the private island, alongside a wine cellar, library, sauna, sundeck, jacuzzi and the exquisite private dining room.

In addition, the respectable price includes private masseuse, five evening meals, breakfast in bed during the next morning and a string quartet.