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Everything Sounds Better With These THIEL Audio Loudspeakers

By Victor Baker


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THIEL Audio has recently unveiled its latest offerings: the new TT1 tower loudspeakers and the TM3 bookshelf monitors, two exquisite speakers that were designed for people who appreciate the most exceptional sound quality and performance. Be it for home or studio, if you’re a true music enthusiast, these speakers are for you!

The TT1 loudspeakers were designed to faithfully reproduce your favorite soundtracks, using a 4-driver array and a multi-order crossover network, wrapped in a heavily braced, vented MDF tower enclosure, that will offer nothing but the best sound. With sculpted elliptical side panels, the TT1 speakers look and sound absolutely incredible!


The TM3 monitors, on the other hand, are bookshelf speakers that deliver a big, robust sound. This package features a Titanium domed tweeter, customized woofer, braced cabinet and the proprietary waveguide that astonishes even the most refined eardrum.

THIEL Audio offers its selection of premium loudspeakers in various finishes, including Rosewood, Espresso, High Gloss White and High Gloss Black. In the future, THIEL also plans to increase their range of products and finishes, with even more exciting speakers like these two.


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