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Ermini plans to revive the brand with 686 model

By Adrian Prisca


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We haven’t been hearing from the Italian automaker Ermini since half a century ago, when the automotive factory and brand, founded by Pasquale Ermini, in Florence, was shut down as he had passed away, to be precise, in 1958. The workshop, now exclusively dedicated to servicing and maintenance of his “children”, was kept open until 1962.

It looks like the brand is back in action now, having recently promised a comeback with the brand new 686 model, due to be presented by the end of 2013. The sad part is that there’s a decent chance its name will be different.

The brand is currently working on a rear-engine sportscar, with four wheel drive, which will reportedly receive a tubular space frame and a state of the art suspension. In addition, it will be fitted with racing absorbers, transmission and brakes. The team behind Ermini will also focus on the vehicle’s pollution level and consumption.

In terms of appearance, the Ermini 686’s looks will be conceived by an rather interesting duo – Design Team Ermini and Giulio Cappellini. It will probably feature a respectable load of carbon fiber for some much needed lightness.

Little has been told about this car though, as it still is under extensive development. Once we’ll get to know more, we’ll let you know. Stay tuned!


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