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Electrify The Racetrack with the Kyberz eRod

Kyberz eRod

Kyberz Switzerland, an up and coming manufacturer of electric automobiles, has just unveiled their latest project, a gorgeous electric roadster, which sticks to the bare essentials, and it was simply called ‘eRod’. Compared to other electric cars we see on the roads nowadays, this electric beast was meant to conquer the racetrack, but it can also be tamed to handle public roads.

There’s no entertainment system or any other sophisticated technologies on board, and the best thing is that you could even order it in pieces and start to assemble it right at your garage. With three powerful battery packages, this 600 kg electric toy will surely deliver some serious thrills, on or off the track. And is it just me, or am I staring at a stripped out, electric version of the Ariel Atom?

Kyberz eRod

The Kyberz ‘eRod basic’ packs a 10 kWh battery that can handle around 60 km, with the electric motor delivering a cool 44 kW (60 hp). You’ll need about six hours to recharge this thing, while the mid-spec ‘eRod fun’ brags about a 17.3 kWh battery, 100 km worth of driving and a 10-hour recharge time.

Please note that both these verisons max out at 120 km/h. The premium ‘race’ model, on the other hand, comes with a 39 kWh battery, which means 220 km of fun on a single charge and a top speed of 130 km/h thanks to the 147 kW power output. I know which one I like!

Kyberz eRod


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