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Elation Freedom Goes For EV Supreme Performance

Elation Freedom 1

EV startups are no longer something out of the ordinary, but some seem to be more interesting than others; take, for instance, California’s Elation Hypercars. Elation, a brand devised by Carlos Satulovsky and Mauro Saravia, aims to become the first electric luxury hypercar manufacturer on the continent. Watch out, Tesla!

The Elation Freedom is the company’s first attempt at the throne, developed with the help of the Argentinean racing industry’s finest – not a statement to be taken lightly. The exterior hints towards some serious performance figures, although the company refused to go into specifics – for now.

Elation Freedom 2

The renderings, however, point towards a carbon fiber front splitter, matched by a big ventilated nose, as well as aerodynamic side skirts. Also to be noticed are the stylish gullwing doors, which everyone loves, an active rear wing, and a massive diffuser.

On the inside, the Elation Freedom aims to tease you with a “fighter-jet inspired cockpit”. As such, the driver will face a digital instrument cluster, a minimalist center stack, and some exposed carbon fiber touches. But future customers are also encouraged to personalize their vehicles, with premium leather, precious metals, and gemstones among the options.

Elation Freedom 10

Built around a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, incorporating a T-shaped lithium-ion battery pack, the Elation Freedom vehicle will be powered by 100 to 120 kWh and will drive for as far as 300 – 400 miles (483 – 644 km).

There are no certainties at this point, but we do know that the base model will feature three electric motors, with a total output of 1,414 hp (1,054 kW / 1,434 PS). Yes, over one thousand four-hundred horse power !!!

Elation Freedom 3

But according to Elation, there will also be a quad motor iteration available, set to benefit from an astonishing 1,903 hp (1,419 kW / 1,929 PS). How does 0 to 62 mph (0 to 100 km/h) in 1.8 seconds sound like? You will basically teleport to that mark. I guess the top speed of 260 mph (418 km/h) is not that bad, either.

Some just don’t fancy electric vehicles yet, and that’s alright. That’s why company has thought of that as well, which is why their offering also includes a Freedom Iconic version, with all-wheel drive, a powerful 5.2-liter V10 engine and a seven-speed S-Tronic dual-clutch gearbox courtesy of Audi. The same powertrain like the Audi R8.

Elation Freedom 5

This translates into petrol-powered thrills, with more than 750 hp (559+ kW / 760+ PS) and 490 lb-ft (664 Nm) of torque. This version will allow the driver to accelerate to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 2.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 240 mph (386 km/h).

Here’s the ‘not so good’ news. The Elation Freedom starts off at $2 million (£1.5 / €1.7 million), while the Freedom Iconic will set you back at least $2.3 million (£1.7 / €1.9 million) – not really your medium-sized sedans, are they? What makes this worse is that we really don’t know when or if these models will exit the factory doors.

Elation Freedom 4


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