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El Silencio Lodge & Spa in Bajos del Toro, Costa Rica

By Adrian Prisca


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If you want to escape from the busy life and relax in a marvelous place for a couple of days,  you could go to the gorgeous Bajos del Toro, within the central highlands of Costa Rica. Nature lovers will surely realize what we’re presenting now is one great opportunity to be alongside nature itself, within its sights and sounds.

Bird-watching, hiking and simple relaxation would surely allow one to become a sole entity with the wildlife. In addition, if you’re looking for a place to rest, the El Silencio Lodge and Spa will provide you with state of the art services and accommodation. The rooms are each decorated with gas fireplaces, vast viewing decks where you can watch the depths of the forest from, wood features and boast the comfort of your every day residence.

The hotel would also serve as a great location to propose, to spend your honeymoon or to reside within a stunning landscape. In terms of relaxation, the natural spa is one great place to find yourself at, along with meditation spots or lounge areas. In case you’re curious about the local cuisine, some traditional organic dishes can be put at your disposal.

If you’re looking to explore, you may hike to the surrounding volcanoes, you can help planting ceremonial trees, practice Tyrolean-crossing or do some local garden-work. This place will easily make you forget about technology and noises, but will accommodate you in a civilized atmosphere, with state of the art  services and a location that would make your every hair stand up.


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