Ducati brings to light the $20,000 Diavel Motorbike

Ducati Diavel Motorbike

Ducati has just unveiled their latest masterpiece for people who are crazy about bikes: the Ducati Diavel Motorbike, an Italian muscle stallion with 162 HP and 94 lb-ft of torque. The Diavel has a beautiful design and it’s extremely light and powerful, but it’s price could go up to $20,000.

The basic version of the Ducati Diavel motorbike costs $17,000 but for an extra $3,000 you could get the lighter and faster carbon fiber version which costs $20,000 and weights only 207 kg. With all that power coming from the Ducati Testastretta 11ᵒ engine, the carbon fiber version has an incredible power to weight ratio which leads to breathtaking speeds.

The bike comes with a three mode ride-by-wire throttle, a low positioned seat with a height of just 30.3 inches, hands free ignition, LED running lights, high performance Brembo anti-lock brakes, 17 inch wheels with 14 spokes and a full color LCD screen mounted on the tank displaying several functions of the bike.