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Döttling’s new Safiture line

By Brian Pho


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All those in the know with our website have probably heard of Döttling and their stunning creations. Whether it’s the Colosimo or the Fortress, these guys really know how to craft a seriously secure safe. The German manufacturer of bespoke protective contraptions has recently come up with a one off line of security furniture – the Safiture.

These high-quality pieces, part of the Safiture series, have the job to actually hide, in principle, the fact that they’re containing precious and extremely valuable goods. The Döttling Closet Island, for example, sports a series of drawers with an integrated electronic lock, and, above all, it was designed in-house. Furthermore, in order to be able to access the highly valuable stuff hidden inside the Closet Island, one has to use a specially designed mechanism or electronic release feature whose location is known solely by the owner.

Such levels of exquisiteness can only be matched by state of the art customizations, isn’t it? It is the case here, as the interior of the Closet Island is entirely custom made, and it can even be equipped with jewelry compartments and automatic watch winders. In order to ensure a top level of security, the Closet Island can be connected to any home alarm system.

Some other characteristics that make these pieces even more worth it are the bulletproof glass panels and drawer illumination, providing the owner with a splendid view over its possessions, even though they’re safe and sound inside the contraption. To say the least, top notch materials were used in order to craft this stunning thing, through intricate manufacture by select cabinetmakers and specialists in leather.



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