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Döttling refines world’s smallest safe, called Colosimo

By Adrian Prisca


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If you’ve ever heard or read mafia or gangster stories then you should be able to remember “Big Jim” Colosimo, a gangster that used to take control of the Chicago streets. He eventually passed away in 1920, but the banks’ fear of being robbed by mobsters like him or his lackeys is still present, worldwide. Thus, they’ve built or purchased huge vaults with intricate lock mechanisms to protect the financial properties of wealthy individuals.

As a reminder of Colosimo, Dötling has rebuilt a 1:13 replica of a bank vault, which is currently the smallest safe in the world and they’ve suggestively named it Colosimo. This is not actually a brand new model, but the company announced they will redress its body according to customers’ desire, with materials that range from carbon fiber to exquisite calf leathers.

The client’s imagination is the only thing the restraints the list of materials. Furthermore, this is a chance for customers to reflect their personality into protecting their goods and finances. The doors of the safe can solely be opened by a 3-digit code, the brand naming their product “haute safeology”. The same doors boast elegant polished steel surfaces for an elegant look.

Furthermore, in addition to the safe, you may acquire from Döttling a precision battery-operated watch winder to assort with the vault, with a humidor insert that’s made of cedar wood and an integrated air humidifier. The safe is hand-made and features 32-gold plated precision gearwheels.

For easier mounting and presentation, the safe boasts an additional mounting set that permits placement on a table top. This would be a great addition to one’s collection of keeper-gadgets and protection systems, serving as a place to put your precious belongings or documents.


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