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DeWitt presents the Stunning Academia Out of Time Watch

By Victor Baker


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Academia Out of Time Watch

Another unique timepiece designed for Only Watch 2015 comes from Swiss watchmaker DeWitt – a gorgeous watch featuring an 18kt rose gold case, mixed with a double sapphire crystal and an engraved caseback. Dubbed as the Academia Out of Time Watch, this beautiful piece would be a chic fashion accessory, designed with two complications in mind by the talented people at DeWitt.

The two complications include a dead-beat seconds hand, serving as both a regulator and seconds function indicator in the 4 o’clock display, while a free seconds hand in the 8 o’clock display handles its business; lets not forget it’s been invented by DeWitt. The two functions feature real time on one hand, and virtual time on the other.

The blue lacquered dial is truly eye catching, displaying a wonderful motif of misty mountains highlighted by specks of silver rising towards a clear, starry sky. It just looks dreamy and it goes extremely well with the chic blue leather strap.

Academia Out of Time Watch

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