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David Lewis Designers Imagine The Minimalist Beosound 35 Music System

By Victor Baker


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Beosound 35 Music System

Torsten Valeur from David Lewis Designers is the one responsible for the latest Bang & Olufsen music system. Dubbed as the Beosound 35 and unveiled at CES just a couple of days ago, this is an all-in-one multiform system, featuring an easy-to-use touch interface and integrated access to music and radio streaming services.

Manufactured out of aluminum and built to deliver the most enjoyable sound, no matter what, Beosound 35 allows us to choose a music source, as well as track selection and volume control. The minimalist sound system can also be controlled from a distance, via a remote or the free downloadable ‘beomusic’ app.

Beosound 35 Music System

With on-board integration of streaming services, wireless access, DLNA and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, the Beosound 35 is one of the most versatile speakers of the brand’s line-up. Designed to resemble a stroke on the wall, it features a sleek and minimalist appearance, suitable for any and all interior designs.

Music enthusiasts will appreciate the two four inch bass drivers, centrally placed within the cabinet, as well as the two 3/4 inch tweeters. Each of the four speaker drivers are powered by 80 watt class d amplifiers, allowing Beosound to really take people by surprise. The Bang & Olufsen ‘Beosound 35’ will be available starting April 13, 2016.

Beosound 35 Music System

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