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D-fly’s Dragonfly is the World’s First Luxury Hyperscooter

By Brian Pho


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Electric scooters have been a massive hit in these last couple of years, because they offer a great alternative on congested streets. That’s why scooter sharing services have also appeared in many cities around the world, even though they’ve drawn quite a lot of criticism for the recklessness of some riders.

But if you’re a bit fan of scooters and you want to take things to the next level a London-based company called D-Fly has recently unveiled the world’s first high performance hyperscooter. Called Dragonfly, this luxury hyperscooter promises to deliver a thrilling riding experience, combining a premium design with cutting edge tech and exceptional build quality.

D-Fly has been working on this unique scooter for more than three years and it’s now officially available for pre-order, with the first models launching on the market this summer. The Dragonfly has modern design lines inspired by supercars or luxury sedans, with a sleek frame that’s sculpted from lightweight carbon fiber, aerospace-grade aluminium and carbon fiber-reinforced paulownia wood.

Looking like it comes straight from the future, this scooter also features automotive-grade LED headlights and turn signals, complemented by high tech control systems inspired by formula 1 cars. D-Fly has introduced a new patent-pending fulltilt technology that’s basically a new way to steer, using a 3D tilt and twist controls that form a responsive connection with the rider’s moves.

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The Dragonfly also comes with a rotary-control throttle that allows you to accelerate or brake easily with just one hand, while its dual independent suspension system makes sure you’ll have a smooth riding experience all the time. The scooter will be available with three or four wheels, with the four-wheel model offering four-wheel steering and a dual wishbone suspension for incredibly precise control.

D-Fly’s hyperscooter is powered by dual electric motors, offering both speed and stamina, with 1,800 watts at each wheel, that create a massive torque while you ride this scooter at speeds of up to 38 mph (61 km/h). The scooter takes its power from rechargeable battery packs, that can go up to 11 miles with the standard travel pack or 28.5 miles with the long range battery pack. These battery packs are easily replaceable, so if you want to go more, you could always carry one in your backpack.

We also have to mention the 4.5-inch ultra high definition 4k display that allows you access different apps, it can display turn-by-turn GPS and it also helps you pair your smartphone to the scooter’s high quality sound system. Yes, it has a powerful sound system too. There are also a few safety features that everyone will appreciate, like geofencing that limits your top speed according to street regulations.

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