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Contemporary residence in Johannesburg, South Africa

This fabulous residence in Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa, has been superbly put together by the famously experienced team behind Summersun Property Group. Noticed on Sotheby’s, this extravagant living place is amazing in all ways possible.

Contemporarily designed and fitted to the teeth with opulence and top notch amenities, the home comprises 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and lavish living spaces for all sorts of social purposes. It gorgeously alternates open with enclosed spaces allowing the fine breeze to travel through the interiors like a whiff of spring. Provided with a superb pond on one side and a crystal clear swimming pool on the other, this modern residences divides its spaces among two different floors.

The beautiful reflections in the waters of the pools turn this already unique experience into something you’ll remember for your entire life. And when night comes about, the panoramas are like snapshots from a superb dream. The interiors aren’t going to spoil anything, as they’re equally, if not even better looking. They mix refined design compositions with lavish spaces and ample amounts of natural light, resulting in a splendid display of luxury and comfort. The rooms are designed individually, except from the walls, which painted in the same whitish theme present throughout the house.

Full of personality and style, this modern South African home comes with a state of the art security system, fully endowed fitness center and top notch home theater. It has only one drawback though, but which is somewhat expected – the price – $4,115,583.



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