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Conrad Punta del Este adds Uruguay to your Wish List

By Victor Baker


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Conrad Punta del Este Resort

When you think about the ideal vacation destination, Uruguay is probably not the first name in your mind, but this country is bursting with character and it’s filled with so many wonderful surprises and amazing sights just waiting to be discovered. One of them is Punta del Este, Uruguay’s most popular resort town, a place where you could also find the magical Conrad Punta del Este Resort and Casino, allowing guests from all over the world to experience this fantastic South American destination in the best of ways.

With a stretch of white, sandy beach just in front of the resort, spectacular views of Punta del Este, and all the most important places in town within walking distance, you’ll probably want to start packing your bags as soon as possible. And have you ever had a taste of Uruguayan barbecue? It’s going to be one of the highlights of your stay in this unique part of the world.

Conrad Punta del Este Resort

World class service, modern amenities and authentic Uruguayan traditions are beautifully mixed together at Conrad Punta del Este to make your stay here totally memorable, while the comfortable and spacious accommodations aim to please just about anyone, with a stunning backdrop of Playa Mansa. The perfect day here would involve serene ocean views and tasty cocktails, while the lovely sound of waves lapping the shore will be the perfect music to relax and forget about all your worries.

If you fancy gambling, there’s a reason why the resort’s full name is actually Conrad Punta del Este Resort & Casino. As you stay up and put Lady Luck to the test, the scrumptious breakfast will be prepared just in time for you to celebrate your winnings. Are you feeling lucky or simply impressed by these awe-inspiring shots?

Conrad Punta del Este Resort

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