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Cliff House in Muskoka Lakes, Ontario, Canada

Integration among the natural elements, a design that catches every eye on the planet, breathtaking surroundings, huge forests, beautiful lakes, rocky outcrops and silence with no comparison – a recipe for a great residence site; all were put together in building the Cliff House in Muskoka Lakes region, Ontario, Canada.

Designed by Altius Architecture, this structure uses every speck of light, air and heat it can to provide the guests with an unmatched experience. Built from the same granite it’s built on, the building is solid, though not big-scaled. One cannot call it modest in any way, because of the luxury and boldness level it comprises is pretty high.

It’s based on a central core that distributes light in all the rooms and facilities, and then the show goes on outside, fading off into the landscape. A family of four could easily integrate here, anything being possible inside it, from cooking to dancing and sleeping. The huge fireplaces dominate the interior, while the floor-to-ceiling windows calm the atmosphere down, allowing large amounts of light to penetrate the building.

This residence is absolutely gorgeous in every aspect, truth-be-told it’s more than decency.

[Altius Architecture]


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