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Christian Grande’s Picchio boat is priced at $8M

By Adrian Prisca


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Your own luxury island for just $8 million, seems like a dream. But we all know dreams can come true and for that price you can have something that can be easily mistaken by an island, that can also take you anywhere to go, as long as there’s water. The award-winning designer Christian Grande has came up with a boat concept that already dropped a lot of jaws to the floor, the lovely Picchio Boat.

The Picchio Boat is actually a stunning catamaran that becomes a nest and a cradle, a reading room, a veranda, or even a personal island, and if you ask me, that’s all a person could need. The marvelous boat blends extremely well with the surroundings, its colors and finishes making it almost disappear in the nature, allowing every scent and sound to get right to you, far away from everything and relaxing every single muscle from your body, because we all know nature is the best therapist, right?

But wait, there’s more. The Picchio Extra package comes with even more goodies, that will put a new smile on your faces. Picchio Extra also comes with a bespoke bicycle, foldable and designed to be just as unique as the boat, with a Brooks saddle, a teak handlebar and hand-made wheels in anodized aluminum.

The bicycles were created to remind you of how wonderful floating on your little private “island” is even when you`re not on board, and they come with a fairly good price, just $1.350. If you thought that the boat comes as it is, you were wrong. A wonderful collection of suitcases and travel bags, made from the finest materials and colored in natural tones, could be yours for an extra $4,000.

Also, for a moderate price of $677, you get a very fashionable and opulent director’s chair, soft and foldable which makes it extremely easy to store. Hold your seahorses until the Picchio Boat catamaran will be purchasable, in 2015 for $8 million.

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