Charles Kuonen is the World’s Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge

Charles Kuonen bridge

Feel free to take a closer look at these breathtaking photos before deciding if you are brave enough to take a walk on the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge. Found in Randa, Switzerland, the Charles Kuonen suspension bridge is now open for hikers, adrenaline junkies and anyone looking forward to experience mind blowing views of the Swiss Alps and probably the most incredible walk of their lives.

Completed in only 10 weeks by SWISSROPE, the jaw dropping 494-meter-long (1,621 feet) bridge is suspended at 85 meters (300 feet) above the valley, and it’s definitely the best place to test out your limits. The bridge is actually part of a hiking path between the Swiss alpine villages of Zermatt and Grächen, and it uses 8 tonnes of cables and a special system that prevents it from swinging to keep you safe. I guess that’s what everyone was thinking about.

Charles Kuonen bridge

The Charles Kuonen bridge replaces an older one, that was damaged by falling rocks, and it has been named after psychologist and winery co-owner that sponsored the construction efforts. At only two-feet wide, this structure allows for single-file only and it’s definitely not for those of you who are faint-hearted. Looking down might not be the best of choices, although this move will bring you the thrills of a lifetime.

The last time I was in Switzerland, I visited the gorgeous Rhine Falls – an incredible place to be – but it seems there’s a new reason to return to this beautiful country. It’s always worth staying on the road, because you might find a new and wonderful destination. Would you like to walk on this beauty?

Charles Kuonen bridge