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Cartier Cadran Lové Tourbillon Watch unveiled in 2012

By Adrian Prisca


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The 2012 SIHH in Geneva, Switzerland, happening during January, will be the unveiling place of many new technological developments in the watch-making business. There will be presented the brand new Cartier Cadran Lové Tourbillon watch, a timepiece that comprises many innovative ideas and incorporates a great design.

Its engine, the Caliber 9458, is a different version of a previous tourbillion -the feminine “Alligator Tourbillion”. This one on the other hand is purely made to be worn by the tough-sex, comprising a sleek Latin-numeral inscription. The tourbillion that belongs to this watch is particularly unique; through advanced technology, this one looks like “flying” on its bridges.

The numerals resemble the ones used at the Santos skeleton watch series, years ago.’ With an elegant metallic look and a black leather strapping, this watch will surely attract the view of many.


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  1. surprisingly unique piece here by cartier, love everything about it, the concave face, cut numbering, the tourbillon and the colors.

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