Bulgari Commedia dell’Arte

Since they’ve started manufacturing timepieces, back in the 1920s, Bulgari have been catching quite some expertise, and this shows. It does, greatly, in the brand’s latest creation – the Bulgari Commedia dell’Arte limited edition timepiece.

An epitome of flawless craftsmanship, high exquisiteness and ultimately luxury, the Commedia dell’Arte wristwatch boasts with an 18-carat dial in white gold, displaying a vibrant scene from a play which displays the characters in such a manner that they seem to be coming out from the watch. The image the brand has displayed on the dial represents a scene from a classic Italian palace of the sixteenth century, fully painted and embossed by hand. The central part of the watch and the right corner gorgeously display the characters, while the left corner has been taken by the numerals. This image seems quite realistic and, in fact, it makes this timepieces quite a stunner.

Inside you’ll find a BVL 618 caliber working at a frequency of 18,000 beats per hour. It further sports jumping hour mechanics, charge reserve of 48 hours and retrograde minute between 7 and 11 hours represented by the right of the controller arm black pearl bridges and plate. This timepiece is a staggering gadget worth remembering every time we hear of Dante.