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Bowmore 1966 is an Exceptionally Rare Whisky Treat

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Bowmore 1966

Bowmore, the renowned Islay-based whisky distillery, has announced its intention to enter the high-end Scotch whiskey market a while back, with the release of a very special edition of the Black Bowmore. That whisky was a 50-years old delight, matured in a Spanish sherry cask, and released in 159 bottles that are set to cost £16,000 a piece.

But the brand’s newest release is even more exquisite. Called the Bowmore 1966, this liquid elixir is also 50 years old, but the similarities end there. You see, this one is actually aged in an ex-bourbon hogshead, so it will have a completely different taste, and there are only 74 bottles out there, priced at a cool £20,000 ($25,500) per bottle.

Bowmore 1966

It also comes in very alluring package, imagined by the Glasgow-based cabinet-maker John Galvin Designs, a company known for creating cabinets for some of the most expensive whiskeys ever released. A Scottish Highlands-based workshop that uses traditional glassblowing techniques, blew by hand each crystal decanter, and inlaid it with silver. But it’s the contents within that will get you very excited.

Back in 1966, longtime Bowmore manager Eddie MacAffer joined the team and this release was also meant to commemorate his retirement. Set to be one of the best whiskys ever bottled, this exceptionally rare treat is ready to tease the senses of a few, very lucky individuals. Life is good, at least to some people.

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